For all your mapping needs!

At Prairie State Wildlife Services, we offer the most up-to-date aerial photographs with or without topographic overlays.  While aerial photos can give you a birds eye view of your property, it is often hard to discern terrain features.  This can easily be remedied by adding topographic contours over your aerial photo (see below; maps are of a reduced quality for demonstration purposes).  Maps of your property can include any of the following features:

a). Roads - primary, secondary, logging trails, etc.
b). Habitat Types with acreage
c). Foodplot locations
d). Planned management actions such as prairie plantings, foodplots, tree plantings, timber stand improvements, sanctuary locations, pond locations, etc.
e). Building locations
f). Treestand locations - both existing and suggested
g). 10 foot contour intervals
h). approximate property boundaries - can be more detailed if a deed description is included
h). Any other features you desire

All maps will include a Title, North Arrow, Scale, and Legend.  All Map Packages can be printed on just about any medium you desire for an additional fee - from glossy paper to vinyl and up to 24" X 36" in size. Perfect for that hunt camp wall!

We offer 3 levels of map packages:

Basic Map PackagePremium Map PackageDeluxe Map Package
Includes:  Includes:        Includes:
Area of interestOwner Supplied GPS Waypoints      PSWS collects waypoint
  Aerial PhotoAerial Photo   Premium Package
    With or without Topo  Aerial Photo with Topo Overlay    +
      11" x 17"    Property Outline on Each     5 - 11" x 17" Field Maps
   11" x 17"     1 - 24" x 36" for Framing


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Aerial Example
Aerial with Topo Overlay
Planned Management Actions
Habitat Type Map
  AcresBasic PackagePremium PackageDeluxe Package
100 - 250        $30.00        $100.00   Call for Quote
500 - 750       $75.00        $200.00   Call for Quote
250 - 500       $50.00        $150.00   Call for Quote
750 +            $100.00       $250.00   Call for Quote