Treestand Locations
I grew up hunting Military Bases across the country where map reading was critical to success.  On any given day the training area I planned on hunting could be (and often was) closed for military training and I had to be willing to hunt a new area "blind" if I wanted to hunt that day.  Because of this I became very good at predicting deer movement based on topographic maps and later, through my job as a wildlife biologist, began incorporating aerial photos into my scouting (see Zero Impact Scouting - Bowhunter Magazine, January 2008).  For years I've relied HEAVILY on these tools to help me pick stands on any given property that I feel give me the highest odds of success.  I base all stand locations on terrain and habitat features that funnel deer past these locations for consistent success year in and year out.  Because all locations are based on terrain, habitat, or a combination of both, they remain good from year to year regardless of sign in the area.  In fact, some of my best stands have NO sign associated with them.  Why not let me help you unlock those consistent producers on your property that may be eluding you?  Click here for pricing.
Excited about a new piece of property I'd acquired access to in 2009, I contacted Lee to help me identify the properties potential hot spots.  Lee identified 6 stands on the 300 acre tract that he felt would produce under a number of different wind directions.  On the second day of the 2009 IL shotgun season I killed this 192" bruiser within 20 feet of one of the stand locations! - Matt Clark, 2009.

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