White-tailed Deer
Management Plans

With 19 years experience managing whitetails and 25 years hunting them, we know how to
enhance your property to produce bigger, healthier deer while at the same time enhancing the
huntability of your property.  By utilizing habitat management techniques such as native warm
season grass establishment and/or tree plantings for escape or thermal cover, sanctuary establishment,
timber stand improvements and/or harvests, prescribed burning, food plot establishment, and many
other habitat techniques we can provide you with the results you want!  Our whitetail plans will
include everything you need to set up a successful management program unique to your property.  We
don't use "cookie cutter" plans but rather spend time on your property evaluating the habitat,
learning the lay of the land, and deciding how best to enhance it to meet YOUR goals.  Whether 50
or 500 acres we CAN enhance your property for white-tailed deer. 

Quite often landowners think the cure all for growing big deer is simply foodplot management.
While foodplots can certainly be a big benefit to attracting and holding deer, deer management is
much more complex than that.  Many aspects must be considered before a sound management
program can be established.  Your plan will include:

- A synopsis of YOUR goals.  Your custom plan will be tailored to suit your goals - not ours. 

- Evaluation of the current conditions of the property.

- Identification and mapping of existing habitat types.

- Management prescriptions for each habitat component.  Whether timber thinnings, native grass
  establishment, or invasive species control, each major habitat type will be managed as a separate
  unit and will include specific management recommendations where needed.

- Recommended location, establishment, and size of sanctuaries on the property - sanctuaries are
  crucial for attracting and holding mature bucks.  Mature bucks tolerate very little disturbance in
  their core area.  By providing bucks with a sanctuary and only entering it when retrieving a deer
  or the occasional shed hunting trip, your property WILL hold mature bucks.

- Foodplot locations, size, and recommended species suitable for your properties soil types. 
  Whether perennial or annuals, we can help you get the most out of your food plots. 

- Travel corridor establishment.  Travel corridors are another key component to having a "huntable"
  property.  Whether existing or in need of establishment, we can aid in the enhancement or
  placement of travel corridors bucks will feel safe using during daylight hours.

- Harvest recommendations will be specifically tailored to your property.  There are many factors
  that must be taken into consideration when setting harvest goals for your property.  How big is
  your property?  What do the properties surrounding you look like in terms of whitetail habitat? 
  Do your neighbors share your goals?  What are the population dynamics of your herd?  All of these
  questions must be answered before a reasonable recommendation can be made. 

- Record keeping.  Good record keeping is critical to successful management.  Without good data
  collection and proper analysis there will be no way to track your management efforts.  We will
  show you what data to collect from both bucks and does and will even analyze the data for you if
  you desire.  While one year of data only gives you a snapshot in time, multiple years of data
  collection allow you to assess the overall herd health of the deer in your area while tracking your
  management performance.

- Quality Deer Management Seminars - Having trouble obtaining buy-in from your fellow neighbors? 
  We would be glad to set up a meeting for your neighbors to attend and discuss the benefits of a
  cooperative association of like-minded landowners and the benefits all can reap under a quality
  deer management program.       

- Treestand Locations - I have personally placed treestands that have accounted for more than 2
  dozen 3.5 + year old whitetail bucks, with a few in the 5.5 and 6.5 year old range, not to mention
  a few missed shots from severe cases of "Buck Fever"!  I am a map nut that loves trying to figure
  out big bucks utilizing aerial and topographic maps in conjunction with scouting after season
  (see Zero Impact Scouting - Bowhunter Magazine, January 2008).  Let me help you scout out your
  properties potential hot spots!  I will provide potential stand sites along with low impact entry
  points and ideal wind directions for each stand.